AOF Club Officer Application & Roles – Links Below

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All Academy of Finance students in periods 1 to 7:

All Academy of Finance students in periods 1 to 7:

Students shall complete the below activity on January 30th before the end of their class. Please use your own sheet of paper or you type & print your results.

1) Visit this web site – then scroll down and select one article to read and write a brief summary of

2) Visit this PDF link online – once there please DO NOT print it, simply read through the activities and select three (3) brief activities to complete on your own

3) Utilize the provided newspaper – read through it and select two Character Traits you believe best describes you as a person – write a brief summary as to why you believe these traits describes you best.

Please return the newspaper to the substitute at the end of the class. The above links are also located on the classroom web site and if you are in two classes, please make sure you complete double the amount.

PD 5 & 7: Email Etiquette Essential in 21st Century

Embracing technology in this brave new world seems like not much of an option anymore but rather an obligation. For the vast majority of people, not a day goes by when you don’t need to make use of some form of 21st century technology.

For businesses, just like for everyone else, the internet has been by far the greatest expansion tool they could have asked for. The possibility of working and implementing a globalized network without leaving the office has opened uncountable doors for business expansion. And it’s because of all the possibilities that knowing how to properly write an email, which probably is one of the most important features anyone looking for a job should have. As incredible as it may sound, you would be surprised to find out how many people can’t write a proper and professional-like email. Through the Observer’s email, I’ve read the worst, most unprofessional, poorly written emails I’ve ever seen. Worst of all, several of them were inquiries from people who wanted to join the newspaper as writers. After reading about five of those emails, I wondered if they were all serious. In my head, it wasn’t possible that somebody who wanted to write for a publication couldn’t even properly identify themselves in an email.

Personally, if there’s one thing that bothers me a lot is somebody who can’t take the time to write a professional looking email, especially if you’re job-hunting. That doesn’t mean that you’ve got to be Hemingway but just take the time to properly introduce yourself, to write in a respectful tone with no slangs or “LOL” or emojis. But it isn’t just me. I have heard from many people who either work or who manage businesses that strong writing skills, especially for emails, is a must. A very large part of communication takes place on the web hence being able to write effectively is a requirement rather than a plus in almost any business or career you could think of.

If you aren’t sure how to write a professional looking email, I will throw a few tips your way. First, if you aren’t sure who the email is directed to, you could start with a “To whom it may concern” or maybe just with a simple “Good morning.” Going straight to the topic without saying “Hi” first will definitely throw the recipient off and, from the beginning, the person will have a bad attitude towards your inquiry. Second, introduce yourself with your first and last name. If you only say your first name, chances are that people won’t take you seriously. Third, don’t write a 500-word email. State your point quickly but clearly; the person reading will appreciate that you take into account their time. Fourth, spell check. There’s nothing that will disqualify you faster than typos, especially if there’s several of them. Last but not least, properly sign it off. You could use phrases such as regards, best regards, thank you, best, all best, etc. Also, set up your own signature with your first and last name, phone number, and a title if you have one.

These five little tips will make your life easier when you write an email. Remember, emails last forever and if they’re ever subpoenaed you will be glad they at least are well-written.

Please answer the following questions: (Typed and Printed)
1) For each underlined word (10), define and in your own words, use the word in an original sentence:
Embracing, obligation, globalized, expansion, unprofessional, wondered, communication, recipient, disqualify and subpoenaed
2) Rewrite the five (5) email tips in your own words
3) Research online who was “Hemingway,” write a paragraph about this famous writer, who also lived in Florida
4) Create a list of emojis which could be used correctly in an email
5) From these tips, create an email to your teacher explaining “Who or what you are thankful for this holiday season.” (Do not send this email, copy it into your activity)

Digital Info Tech: Write a Critique

Please visit each of the below web sites – First determine if you can access them from your desktop computer at school?

If yes, open the web site, look around, and try it out
Then write a critique (25+ Words) of the site as it relates to possibly
using it in our class

– Email Mr. Pizzo your results
Example – It gives you a keyboard and it’s quite frustrating, but the game does work and is free
Example – For this website you have to create a Class ID and the students have to create a log- in
Example – It shows you how to type properly and it’s free
Example – Makes you type one paragraph under a minute
Example – Gives you a paragraph and you type it out (gives you 1-3 min, you choose what you want)
Example – Shows you how to use a key board
Example – Article on how to type
Example – Explains keyboarding, nothing to do with students physically moving their fingers on keyboard

Welcome to

Type this URL into your selected browser:

Type your full name as your “User Name” with no spaces
(If your full name is not correct, your instructor will delete your name and have you create a new account)
Create a password (Make sure you remember it)
Select: Academy of Finance
Type your First and Last Name
Press “Create Account”