PERIOD 5: SENIORS ONLY – InVest Scholarship due 3/14/19

  1. There are 23 seniors in period 5, of those two students two will be selected to obtain a $500 scholarship for either college or insurance certification
  2. The two winners will be announced at the senior awards night
  3. Please go to this web site at
  4. Select the first red box on the left, then download and complete the application
  5. Then write your 500 word essay by answering the provided question. Your teacher will proof your essay.
  6. Obtain two (2) recommendations (sorry, one can not be from Mr. Pizzo)
  7. Everything is due by 3/14/19 and it is a required, graded activity for all seniors

The Drum Major Instinct

Sermon Delivered at Ebenezer Baptist Church By Martin Luther King Jr.

February 4, 1968, Atlanta, Ga.

Each student shall review the sermon by Martin Luther King Jr. You can select to read the sermon using the link below or listen to the audio using your personal ear-buds (26 Minutes).

After you have read the sermon, please answer these three questions in paragraph form and create three more on your own with answers.

Please type your replies and print them in class.

1) How does Dr. King relate James and John to everyone else?

2) According to Dr. King, what happens when you don’t harness the Drum Major Instinct?

3) Why does Dr. King call death life’s final “Common Denominator”?

PERIOD 5 ONLY: InVest Scholarships

Good morning,

Please visit our website for information on InVEST Scholarship application, criteria and deadlines: 

There are links to our local scholarship as well as Florida and National scholarship websites. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions.

Thank you.

Karen Fassbach, Executive Director

Independent Insurance Agents of Broward County

954-680-5601 Phone

Mission Statement: To serve our member agencies, carrier partners and vendors by providing education, promoting professionalism in the industry and promoting goodwill through participation in community events.

AOF Student Scholarship Opportunity :)

AOF Student Scholarship Opportunity 
It’s that time of year again….the Ernest Wooler Scholarship will be accepting applicants beginning 12/14 for 2018-2019 seniors.  If you are unaware, the Ernest Wooler Scholarship targets students that are interested in pursuing a technical/vocational degree or certificate as their post-secondary plan (including Broward College).
Last year, 15 Broward applicants won a $2,500 scholarship.  Renewal awards are also available the following school year.
Attached is the flyer explaining the requirements.  The online application link is