Thursday/Friday – Article: Keep Moving Forward – Parts 1 to 4

PART 1 and 2: Key Terms –  Locate these 15 words in the article (but do not underline or highlight them) then define each word using Then, select five of the most difficult words in this list to write your own sentence using that selected word.

Summons, Impulse, Malpractice, Vivid, Provisions, Staunch, Aspects, Inevitable,           Decency, Elaborately, Commitment, Dilapidated, Persistent, Prevail, Manifest

PART 3: Questions

  1. What discrimination did Tyler Perry face in his own hometown when he was younger?
  2. How did this discrimination shape Tyler Perry’s views and his perspective on Martin Luther King’s struggles?
  3. How do you think Tyler Perry’s way of handling discrimination related to how Martin Luther King’s dealt with the same issue? How does it differ?
  4. Tyler Perry is a very successful entertainer and famous person; what is the importance of his reflection on Martin Luther King and why do you think it’s important to him and society as a whole?
  5. What do you think are some kinds of discrimination that occur today? How do you think people like Tyler Perry and others who have influence can continue the teachings of Martin Luther King?

PART 4: Summary

Write a brief 100+ word essay on the article you just read and use some of the key terms found in Part 1.

PS: Sorry the assignment was not issued during the month of February


MDA PROJECT – 150 Points, Individual

150 Points, Individual
A. Make sure every section is present (2, 3, 4, 5 to 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, and 20) in a text format only, copied into a MS Word document with sub-titles and a professional looking title page (No photos or graphics).
B. Title Page: is text only, 16 pt font – with your full name, today’s date, period #, group #, company name, and course name (centered)
C. Then, email your written (Typed) project to your teacher with this in the subject line: Written Project, period # and your full name
D. Finally, print a copy of the document you just emailed your teacher before you leave class
E. Your teacher will read your written projects ASAP, make edits and return to you. Once the edits are completed, you will be uploading this document to your NAF – Academy of Finance web site
(this written document is also ½ your final exam grade)


Over Spring Break I met an elderly gentleman at the beach who was very out-spoken about how young people are so addicted by technology. We debated back and forth for about an hour, until it started to rain; everyone then made a quick exit off the beach. However, this got me thinking about how many innovations have occurred over the past eighty years.

Consequently, I like each of you to write (Type) a full page essay on how you believe our society could have been different if we never had one of the following items: Airplanes, Automobiles, Electricity, the Internet, Plumbing, Television, or Radio. Also, try to add a quote from the movie above in your essay J

Wednesday & Thursday – Week of 3-19-18

3rd marking period grades will be closed on Wednesday @ midnight

Mr. Pizzo will be absent on Thursday

  1. Please email Mr. Pizzo, a project update on your progress: slide-by-slide, with your names attached to each slide – Make a chart
  2. Include an update with the amount of $hamrocks each person has sold, so far J
  3. All posters must have been completed, as of last week L Less 40% this week
  4. Final day to sell $hamrocks is 4/13/18
  5. Wednesday – Take out of inventory your needed Shamrocks to sell over Spring Break
  6. All written projects and PowerPoints are due by email on 4/23/18
  7. Have a safe and happy Spring Break



Learning, laughter, health, conversations, family, friends, a time of relaxation, helping someone, getting help from someone, challenges, the warmth of the sun, air to breathe, life, getting out of bed in the morning, hugs, the warmth of the sun, the beauty of nature, a place to live, food to eat, my senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, realizations, challenges that help me grow, quiet time to ponder, writing, fresh flowers, warm tea, humanity, the universe, light morning traffic, a car to drive, a warm bed, soft pillow, good hair day, a funny movie, Google, digital photos, favorite chair… get the idea.


MDA Project Preview …

GM – Please visit the MDA web site:

Read through the “About MDA” page and spend some productive time in class reading through as much content as possible – also, try to locate and review other web sites online with similar content.

Survey – Which sell better Green or Gold shamrocks?